Sam Elliott’s Voice

a-cowboys-life-meagan-shepherdBy Marc Gilson


Sam Elliott’s voice

Chews through bone-dry leather

With one eye clamped shut



Sam Elliott’s voice

Should be the only one to tell you

That your transmission is shot


Sam Elliott’s voice

Is bone-cracking wind and 12 below,

Or 105 in the stifled shade


Sam Elliott’s voice

Is either winter or summer

(never spring or fall)


Sam Elliott’s voice

Is rope-calloused hands

And high desert dirt packed under thick fingernails


Sam Elliott’s voice

Does not tolerate human weakness

But understands human frailty


Sam Elliott’s voice

Is a 1962 Ford F-100 pickup

Doing 20 mph on a dry gravel road


Sam Elliott’s voice

Narrates echos of loss, pangs of heartache,

And the despair of solitude


Sam Elliott’s voice

Is the shimmering August heat vapor

On 400 miles of boiling black Texas interstate


Sam Elliot’s voice

Smells like low octane gasoline,

Leather, and campfires


Sam Elliot’s voice

Has never asked for directions

Not once


Sam Elliott’s voice

Knows when to speak up

And when to hushup



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3 thoughts on “Sam Elliott’s Voice

  1. BernadineJoy says:

    Sam Elliot’s voice
    With cowboy boots of years well worn
    When ere you pass my way

  2. Love this, Marc, with a big, crazy, tumbleweed love.

  3. David Bardes says:

    Fantastic Marc! Beautiful images drawn with simple words and a strong cadence!

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